DELIRIUM - A Fantasy Short Movie

Cover illustration I did for a fun project that is now live on kickstarter.
The idea behind it is really cool and I really hope that it gets funded. Make sure you check it out and who knows,... maybe you even throw some money at it! :)

The Fairy

I've always considered fairies as glaring little beings... and when I was asked to illustrate one, I took the task as a real challenge. One of my main concerns was not to make the final image look too kitschy! :))

She comes from the light,.. and in short, her mission was to stop humans from killing each other. Being a fairy, she sprinkles "magic LSD-isiac powder" around the battlefield and all the soldiers receive "the power of blessing and are immersed by a happy feeling"! :D

After abolishing everything that was wrong in humans, she celebrates world peace with The Goddess of Light and Magic,... while having a glass of champagne and watching the fireworks!!! :D


The King

A king fighting a deceiving god.

And celebrating his victory!


The Underground King

Another set I did for Applibot.

The story of this set is about an underground civilization who lives deep beneath our planet's surface and has never seen the light of the Sun. It is said that one day, their King found out about the surface, the "blue ceiling" and the glowing ball that lights everything.
He wanted to bring some of that light into his world and searched for ways to steal it!,... at least a fraction of it! And somehow he managed to bring a tiny piece into his kingdom. When he showed the flaming sphere to his people, they all started worshiping the goddamn thing like it was... the latest smartphone or something. :))
But the bright light was doing more harm than good to the tiny eyes of these cavemen, so after a while... they all died happily ever after.

End of story!


The Time Wielder

One of the most powerful characters out there, The Time Wielder is never late for a meeting!
Using the Black Surayan Sword he can travel across eras, feeding with the souls of whoever comes across his path.

In the regular version he drains out the time of an ancient mage, driving him through every stage of his life.

In the advanced version, things are getting nasty! :)
He walks silently through time and space, while humans scream in torment around him.


Concepts for a closed project

Some concepts that I did about 2 years ago for a project that was eventually... killed. 
It's really sad and frustrating when that happens, especially if there's no logical reason for it (or maybe there was). 
Anyways, I feel somehow lucky that I still got these images left to show.
Images are post in chronological order.

The Dam - interior

Under construction hotel

A few more concepts done for the same closed project, this time for a different map.

the parking area and an elevator shaft

The Casino area


Another round of "concept paintings" done for another map. This would've been a really fun map to play!

Hope you'll enjoy them! :)

The Bounty Hunter

Hey all,

It's been a while since my last post,... time does fly really fast, especially when you love what you do for a living! :D

In the image bellow you can see a female bounty hunter who accomplished her mission and now waits to collect the reward.
This was a free set, meaning that I could draw whatever I wanted for it, and because I loved the set with The Thief, which was made a couple of months earlier,... I decided to go for a similar character.

She's the thief's sister if you want! :))

And this is the regular version.

...and and and the advanced version!

Hope you'll like her, she's really kind! :)


The Sniper

Another set I did for Applibot.

Basic version

Advance version

Sand Wizard

The first illustration I did for Applibot,... back in November 2012.
This is the basic version.

 ...and here's the advance one!

Hope you'll like her! :)
Study of Till Lindemann... after a screenshot I took from the piano version of the song Mein Herz Brennt. You can watch the clip here:

Outstanding performance!!!

Fantasy Flight Games ...again

Another illustration for The Lord of the Rings card game.
You can find it in The Druadan Forest adventure pack.


The Persian Army

Another set I made for Applibot,... this time for Legend of the Cryptids.